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Client Relationship Management During COVID-19

Thursday, May 28, 2020 11:23 AM | Denise Downing (Administrator)

Submitted by TempWorks Software

Maintaining good client relationships is critical no matter what state our economy is in, but times of crisis offer opportunities to place special focus on building client loyalty. Many companies are scaling back business operations, resulting in more time to spend on improving client relationships, which can provide companies a higher chance of recovery when the economy picks up again. Here are some approaches for utilizing the current slowdown to focus on how your business interacts and connects with clients.

Be Easily Accessible

Clients should be able to contact your business without difficulty and receive quick replies. If you’ve made any operational changes in compliance with government regulations, send out a communication regarding these changes that includes contact information. Communication with your business should be swift, easy, and lead to a fast resolution.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

If there have been long-standing hiccups in the products or services your business provides, take advantage of the economic slow-down and consider allocating resources towards resolving those issues. Strengthening your company’s core services will not only improve client satisfaction during the pandemic, but also increase your business’s chances for successful client acquisition once the crisis passes.

Be Generous

The coronavirus has affected nearly every industry, and it’s likely that many of your clients have taken a hit. If it is within your company’s ability, consider offering alternative services that can help your clients weather through a recession. For example, TempWorks Software is offering some clients free payroll services for a limited time, with the aim of helping sectors of the staffing industry that have been hit especially hard by COVID-19. TempWorks Software has also developed a space on our website dedicated to updating clients on any business changes or opportunities related to COVID-19. These services can help clients navigate the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

Because your clients will likely remember their experience with your business in our current crisis, it’s important to devote your energies to maintaining or increasing client satisfaction. Communicating efficiently, focusing on the foundational services of your business, and exploring any changes you can make to help your clients during this time are all great ways to build client loyalty. Even small changes devoted to improving the client experience will help make your business stronger and set it up for recovery.

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